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If you want your social media content to shine or better ranking for your videos, you have come to the right place! This is not the cheap stuff you find elsewhere, we only settle for the best quality possible to help your content find the right audience!

It is common knowledge by now that e.g. views alone won't rank your YouTube video any more - it's the social interactions like on topic comments that do the trick! We provide content related real authentic Comments, Likes, Fans, Subscribers and Views for YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, SoundCloud, Dailymotion, Vimeo, DatPiff, Spotify and more to help your media come out on top!

TOP: Buy YouTube Comments, Facebook Comments, Instagram Comments: We offer the best Commenting Services on the Market - e.g. real Hip Hop / Rap style comments using authentic black rapper profiles for your rap video or comments from kids for a gameplay video etc... Give us a try!

We specialize in extremely authentic looking comments posted with appropriate profiles (!) which makes a huge difference and your client will perceive this promotion as real organic and white hat as it should be!
For example, what good are 100 totally unbelievable comments in broken english on a rap video posted by people with housewife profiles when you can have 10 real rapper/hiphop style profiles posting comments in the appropriate rapper's slang!


• All Comments are hand-written by our SEO experts specifically for each order and relevant to the content of your video/post or your niche
• Available for any type of content: e.g. music (hiphop, rap, rock, pop...), business, gameplay, sports...
• Appropriate target audience: Only suitable profiles are used e.g. no housewifes posting on your rap video
• NO disappearing (non drop) comments: because of the high quality accounts used they will stick to your Video/Post forever!
• Custom Comments available: You can give us your own text which we then post with our accounts
• Only aged and active premium accounts with unique IPs and profile pictures are used for posting
• 100% Safe for your Video or Channel - no risk whatsoever
• NO bots or any kind of automation used for posting - everything is done completely manually
• Optimized for best SEO and ranking results for your Niche
• Fast turnaround time.
• Drip feeding (spreading over several days) available for larger orders

API and special prices for resellers available!

ID Service Name Description Price Per 1 Min Max
1 YouTube Services Real Relevant YouTube Comments Ultra High Quality YouTube Comments (see FAQ) $0.40 10 500
2 YouTube Services High Quality YouTube Retention Views HQ Ranking Views $0.00 1000 100000
4 YouTube Services YouTube Likes High quality Youtube Likes (Thumbs up) $0.05 100 5000
5 YouTube Services YouTube Subscribers High quality youtube subscribers $0.10 100 2000
37 YouTube Services Custom YouTube Comments one comment per line. (no hate/fraud/links) $0.40 10 500
53 YouTube Services YouTube Dislikes (Thumbs Down) YouTube Dislikes $0.05 50 5000
58 YouTube Services YouTube Comment Likes YouTube Comment Likes. Get Link by right-clicking on comment's time stamp! $0.05 10 1000
60 YouTube Services Bulk YouTube Comments Lower quality YouTube Comments $0.10 20 1000
3 Facebook Services Real Relevant Facebook Comments No drop, relevant comments appropriate to your content/niche. $0.50 10 100
6 Facebook Services Facebook Post or Picture Likes High Quality Facebook Post or Picture Likes $0.10 20 5000
7 Facebook Services Facebook Page Likes or Fans High Quality Facebook Page Likes or Fans $0.10 50 10000
8 Facebook Services Facebook Video Views High Quality Facebook Video Views $0.01 1000 1000000
9 Facebook Services Facebook Reviews High Quality Positive Facebook Reviews $5.00 1 100
38 Facebook Services Custom Facebook Comments High Quality Custom Facebook comments. Please enter one comment per line. $0.50 10 100
56 Facebook Services Facebook Emoji Likes Facebook Emoji Likes $0.10 20 3000
57 Facebook Services Facebook Post Shares Very high quality Facebook post shares $1.00 1 1000
10 Instagram Services Instagram Comments High Quality Instagram Comments $0.40 10 500
11 Instagram Services Instagram Likes High Quality Instagram Likes $0.01 100 100000
12 Instagram Services Instagram Followers High Quality Instagram Followers $0.05 100 50000
13 Instagram Services Instagram Video Views High Quality Instagram Video Views from real traffic. $0.00 1000 1000000
39 Instagram Services Custom Instagram Comments High Quality Custom Instagram Comments. Please enter 1 comment per line. $0.40 10 500
14 Twitter Services Twitter Comments High quality Twitter comments for your Tweet, hq profiles $0.50 10 100
15 Twitter Services Twitter Likes High Quality Twitter Likes $0.05 100 10000
16 Twitter Services Twitter ReTweets High Quality Twitter Retweets $0.05 100 10000
17 Twitter Services Twitter Followers High Quality Twitter Followers $0.05 100 100000
40 Twitter Services Custom Twitter Comments or Tweets High Quality Custom Twitter Comments. Please enter 1 Comment/Tweet per line. (no hate/fraud) $0.50 10 100
59 Twitter Services Twitter Video Views High Quality Twitter Video Views $0.01 100 10000
18 SoundCloud Services SoundCloud Full Promotion Package All-In-One SoundCloud Promotion with 1000 Plays, 50 Likes , 10 reposts and 5 Comments. $5.00 1 1
19 SoundCloud Services SoundCloud Comments High Quality SoundCloud Comments $0.50 10 500
20 SoundCloud Services SoundCloud Likes High Quality SoundCloud Likes $0.05 50 1000
21 SoundCloud Services SoundCloud Plays High Quality SoundCloud Plays $0.00 100 500000
22 SoundCloud Services SoundCloud Followers High Quality SoundCloud Followers $0.05 50 40000
23 SoundCloud Services SoundCloud Reposts High Quality SoundCloud Reposts $0.05 50 1000
41 SoundCloud Services Custom SoundCloud Comments High Quality Custom SoundCloud Comments. Please enter 1 Comment per line. $0.50 10 100
24 DatPiff / Disqus Services DatPiff / Disqus Comments High Quality Comments, hip hop style profiles $0.40 10 100
25 Vimeo Services Vimeo Comments High Quality Vimeo Comments, english names with profile pictures $0.50 4 50
26 Vimeo Services Vimeo Likes High Quality Vimeo Likes, english names with profile pictures $0.10 10 200
27 Vimeo Services Vimeo Followers High Quality Vimeo Followers, english names with profiles $0.10 10 200
28 Vimeo Services Vimeo Views High Quality Vimeo Views $0.01 1000 100000
42 Vimeo Services Custom Vimeo Comments High Quality Custom Vimeo Comments. Please enter 1 Comment per line. $0.50 10 100
29 Dailymotion Services Dailymotion Followers High Quality Dailymotion Followers $0.05 50 5000
30 Dailymotion Services Dailymotion Video Likes High Quality Dailymotion Video Likes $0.05 50 1000
31 Dailymotion Services Dailymotion Views High Quality Dailymotion Video Views $0.00 1000 10000
33 Pinterest Services Pinterest Likes High Quality Pinterest Likes $0.05 50 1000
34 Pinterest Services Pinterest Repins High Quality Pinterest Repins $0.05 50 1000
35 Pinterest Services Pinterest Followers High Quality Pinterest Followers $0.05 50 500
43 Pinterest Services Pinterest Comments Real relevant Pinterest Comments $0.50 5 50
36 reseller packages Package1 special purpose reseller package 1 $0.03 50 5000
44 Spotify Services Spotify Plays Single Track Plays. Only high quality traffic used. $0.01 5000 100000
45 Spotify Services Spotify Followers High Quality Spotify Followers, safely delivered via drip feed. $0.05 500 10000