To place an order please register first and deposit funds to your balance on the panel via PayPal or Cryptocurrency which you can then spend whenever and on whatever service you like until it is depleted.

Regarding all COMMENTS SERVICES for YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Vimeo, Soundcloud, Disqus or Pinterest:

All comments are content related and written and posted manually without any automation in english (or german if requested) language on your Social Media with aged high quality accounts with full profile history ensuring best SEO results for your niche!

• Comments are hand-written by our SEO experts specifically for each order and relevant to the content of your video/post or your niche
• Available for any type of content: e.g. music (hiphop, rap, rock, pop...), business, gameplay, sports...
• Appropriate target audience: Only suitable profiles are used e.g. no housewives posting on your rap video
• NO disappearing (non drop) comments: because of the high quality accounts used they will stick to your Video/Post forever!
• Custom Comments available: You can give us your own text which we then post with our accounts
• Only aged and active premium accounts with unique IPs and profile pictures are used for posting
• 100% Safe for your Video or Channel - no risk whatsoever
• NO bots or any kind of automation used for posting - everything is done completely manually
• If requested, accounts may reply to each other and have conversations
• Maximum of 500 unique comments per Link!
• Optimized for best SEO and ranking results for your Niche
• Fast turnaround time.
• Drip feeding (spreading over several days) available for larger orders

All orders usually start instantly (depending on your time-zone) and will be completed within 24 hours - except larger ones.

Please do not forget to provide a valid link to your Video, Post or Channel before completing an order!

If you want your own custom comments to be posted please use the according 'custom comment' service for each indivual platform and enter 1 comment per line (no links, no hate/racism etc..)

Videos/Posts/Pictures against the TOS (terms of service) of the respective Social Media Platform (like hate/fraud/fake news) cannot be promoted.